GTA Strategies

GTA Strategies is a government and business relations firm helping businesses and organizations deal with the complexity of all levels of government. Our firm focuses on assisting developers navigate difficult municipal projects. Our firm advocates on behalf of individuals and organizations involved in human rights issues, and works with Unions to make sure workers’ rights are respected. Our firm specializes in assisting businesses to flourish and excel.

Our team of consultants have decades of combined experience in municipal, provincial and federal politics, including federal cabinet experience and constituency assistance. 

About Us

▰Business and government relations firm, specializing in all three levels of government – municipal, provincial, federal

▰Assisting developers navigate difficult municipal projects

▰Advocating on behalf of individuals and organizations involved in human rights issues

▰Facilitating meetings and event attendance with government officials

▰Assisting foreign and domestic business and elected officials delegations

▰assisting businesses to flourish and excel

Our Work

▰identifying government programs for your company or organization;

▰completing the necessary paperwork to apply for federal, provincial and municipal grants;

▰contacting the right government official(s);

▰guiding your project through the intricacies of government(s) bureaucracies;

▰working with municipal governments on re-zoning and development projects;

▰assisting in event planning, including coordinating attendance of government officials;

▰much more…..

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Telephone: (416) 499-4588

Fax: (647) 723-0287